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About Us


Aloha-Huber Park is a preK - 8th grade school in Beaverton, Oregon. We serve approximately 940 students.  750 are elementary students and 150 are middle school students. Our school qualifies for the community eligibility program, with all students eligible for free meals. 15% of our students qualify for special education services, 52% are Emerging bilinguals and 26 different home languages are represented. Twenty-three of our students are identified as Talented and Gifted. 6% of our students identify as Asian, 5% identify as Black or African American, 61% identify as Hispanic or Latino, 5% identify as multiracial, and 22% identify as white. Aloha-Huber Park is a multicultural and multilingual school, valuing the full cultural and linguistic repertoires of our students, staff and families and using the cultural and linguistic resources of our community as the foundation for student learning.  


Our bilingual (Spanish-English)pre-k program serves a total of 34 preschoolers. Sixteen students attend in each half day session.  We partner with families to nurture the whole child. Our pre-k team engages each child in joyful learning and playful inquiry.  


Our dual language program serves 383 students in grades K-6th grade.  The mission of the dual language program is to honor and develop multilingual, multi-literate, and multicultural students through rigorous, culturally inclusive education while nurturing a diversity of identities, and empowering students to become agents of change in a global community. We implement an 80/10 model.  This means that the language of instruction in kindergarten is 80% Spanish and 10% English; 70% Spanish and 30% English in first grade; 60% Spanish and 40% English in second grade; and 50% Spanish and 50% English in grades 4th-5th.  Our middle school  is dual language in grades 6th and 7th.  The language allocation in middle school is 50% Spanish and 50% English. Next year we will add 8th grade. This will ensure a bilingual pathway for students through high school and the opportunity to graduate with a Seal of Biliteracy.


Our newcomer program serves 15 students in grade 2nd-5th grade. The mission of the newcomer program is to provide recent arrivals with tools that will increase their confidence and use of the English language and at the same time assist in the positive acculturation of students in the new environment so they grow to be productive navigators of society.  


We have a staff of 109.  There are 36 classified staff members and 73 certified staff members.  Our staff is reflective of the student population we serve and bring rich cultural and linguistic diversity to our school community.  9% of staff identify as Asian, 5% identify as Black or African American, 30% identify as Hispanic or Latino, 4% identify as multiracial, and 51% identify as white. Thirteen languages are spoken by AHP staff. The languages spoken are Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Dari, Cantonese, Modern Standard Arabic, Hindi, Kannada, Catalan, Khmer, Tamil and English.  43% of our staff is multilingual/bilingual. Our staff brings diverse backgrounds and perspectives. 36 hold bilingual, literacy, math, ESOL and/or special education endorsements.  We have an 88% teacher retention rate. 


We have strong family empowerment efforts embedded into our work at Aloha-Huber Park. There are multiple opportunities for families to be involved at school and for their ideas to be reflected in school decision making. The Latinx Family group meets twice a month.  The first meeting of the year focuses on generating topics and ideas for upcoming sessions.  Keynote speakers are then organized for upcoming sessions to present on topics ranging from social emotional learning to how to support students with literacy and mathematics at home.  In addition, the Latinx Family group organizes school events as a way to share about the rich and diverse Latinx culture. We also have an AHP Family Leadership Team.  The team is a culturally and linguistically diverse representation of both families and staff.  Family involvement at AHP includes and is not limited to PTC participation, volunteering in the classroom and for school events, home-school projects, Newcomer Family Workshops, Parent Affinity Groups and participation in principal coffee chats. 


Aloha-Huber Park provides  support for our students throughout the school day, through extended day and school year opportunities, and by engaging in a partnership with families and community organizations. Our after school program is supported by the S4 grant as well as donations from Nike and other local businesses and individuals. After school tutoring funded by the Multilingual Department and activities through community organizations, including Chicas and Pacific Youth Choir, are held at the same time to take advantage of bus service and building monitoring. Students engage in academic and enrichment classes including Ballet Folklorico, math games, and Marathon Kids running club. With a comprehensive approach to educating the whole child, we aim to equip all of our students with the skills and perspectives necessary to become fully engaged members of their communities.